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Where can I hold my aquagoat? I have it on bitrue but want to withdraw as trading unavailable

2022.01.24 11:32 Stinkystankystonks Where can I hold my aquagoat? I have it on bitrue but want to withdraw as trading unavailable

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2022.01.24 11:32 trakka121 LJS results: 2.5 weeks later (over 1cm total advancement in total including the chin advancement)

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2022.01.24 11:32 ItalianIdioto Leclerc has a fast Car

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2022.01.24 11:32 Sekkitheblade Zeke getting head from Eren

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2022.01.24 11:32 littlefairywingz A family from the Russian Empire c.1897

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2022.01.24 11:32 dreambringer1 Lana Del Rey

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2022.01.24 11:32 Always_Says_Ese I NEED this market to turn! I'm exhausted.

I am a small homebuilder in the midwest. I have been building / selling a few new construction homes a year since 2015. Before the pandemic, I was selling ~500k houses and making about 80k per house, which I was fine with. I was taking 2 months off a year to backpack, climb mountains, camp in the desert etc.
Since 2020, I've been WORKING nonstop. My houses are now going for 750-800k, and cost of materials/labor has only increased about 30k per house. Meaning I'm now making 300k+ per house. PER HOUSE.
Last year, I decided it would be rightfully FOOLISH to take time off with these margins, but I didn't think it would last this long. I'm approaching burn-out.
I think/hope the market has finally turned. Either way, I just bought plane tickets to Colorado for a week of skiing. If I could come back and just make a reasonable wage again, I would be so happy ese.
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2022.01.24 11:32 Texas_4R 'A Staggering Act of Appeasement'

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2022.01.24 11:32 NefariousnessBusy402 No escape to this

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2022.01.24 11:32 thegodplayer230 Hmm 🤔

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2022.01.24 11:32 Pale_Pop4194 book

Kotler, Keller, Chernev 16th edition of Marketing management PDF
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2022.01.24 11:32 DEUS_ADVERSARIUM Trying to play wirelessly with Quest 2

Hi, I hope this is allowed here. I have been trying to play this on the Quest 2 and it runs relatively well through SteamVR and air link, there's only really one problem. Every time I move my hands around they look very wavy. I have no clue what it's actually called and just calling it "wavy" doesn't really do it justice but that's the closest word I can think of to describe it. It's only my hands. I have had the same problem with some games through SteamVR but games like Alyx and Tales of Glory look perfect. I've used open composite in the past and it's fixed most of the problems. I tried open composite with NMS and it just gives me this error, "IVRComposite_027," even though everything I can find online claims NMS works with open composite. Is there some workaround to get open composite working that I've somehow missed? Or if open composite just no longer works has anybody had the same problems I'm having and found a solution through SteamVR? I could just play it flat screen if it really comes to it but I'd much rather play it in VR and so many people claim that it's one of the best VR experiences.
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2022.01.24 11:32 jookco matthew cole obituary : Cause of Death - Passed Away and Obituary News Click link to read full story.

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2022.01.24 11:32 chunzitdhfgd Will Crypto be the only payment method in Football?

I am not the first to ask this question, I think it’s apparent that many people are wondering this as well. With all the hype that was pushed into coins like PSG and F11, it’s no wonder that people are seriously asking this question, and I don’t blame them.
Sports have always been a profitable investment, ever since Roman times, people will pay to be entertained, and there’s no doubt about that. So why not profit off of that? No shame in that.
Money is to be made in sports, and good money at that. If others are gonna make bank, why not me?
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2022.01.24 11:32 MuhammadUmairShafiq Five Skills That Change Your Life
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2022.01.24 11:32 DerEchteJojo GoCases / GC app referral code for 20 free coins


  1. 1Qi03Dqn
  2. 1Qi03Dqn
  3. 1Qi03Dqn
Ty for the support. :D
Imagen somebody don't use my Code, lol :,D
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2022.01.24 11:32 Normal_Ambition5928 Pratik and Asim.

Apparently they provoke people. True. They definitely provoke people. I dont understand what is the problem... They are not being physically violent right. I think biggboss tests your patience... Hum 1 ghanta dekhte hai isiliye accha lagta hai but the people inside need a lot of patience. And if you are not ready to be patient n cannot control yourself whats the point?? Mat aao na phir... Maar peet karna thik hai?? Tab hum justify karte hai ki obviously bb is hard... But provoke koi kare toh woh vile aur bura hai kyu bhsi..
I think asim and pratik are 100% bb material... Inko malum hai kya karna hai, kaise apne aapnko control karna hai..
I find them irritating yes but they are cool right they provoke and rile up saamne waala person and still never resort to violence..
So yeah asim n pratik and ppl like them are the essence of bb... Aise log bb me na ho toh mujhe bb dekhna hi nahi hai
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2022.01.24 11:32 PityinMiki I can't place buildings in my creative map.

Currently working on a 1v1 map for me and my friends, and i could place buildings just fine, but now, for some reason i can't place them anywhere. quick video about it. Any fixes?
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2022.01.24 11:32 xmxfeet Good Morning!😃

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2022.01.24 11:32 SElinkbot Thomsen: SE-skifte klæder min situation godt

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2022.01.24 11:32 Apennatie I don't like cases.

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2022.01.24 11:32 ntrusr3 42M Let's [Chat]

I work from home and during the day it can feel a bit lonely. My dog can't really hold a conversation and the cat is a snob, so here I am, looking for some chat partners.
I'm not really into these personality tests, since I don't think you can really categorize people based on a letter or four, but last time I took the test (it changes a bit every time I take it...) it came out ISTP.
So yeah, introverted IT guy, who likes to be creative (photography, writing, drawing, etc.), but instead probably spends too much time watching TV.
I'm not looking for anything specific. Bases on my experience here you can be my total opposite and somehow this will work great. Just be able to hold a conversation and we can go from there :-)
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2022.01.24 11:32 buckinghampitheorem Why?

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2022.01.24 11:32 babita36 yes

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2022.01.24 11:32 UnrealsDeals Columbia | Up To 40% Off Winter Sale

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