cyan's spawner dungeon improvements - part 1/?? (with pictures)

2022.01.24 09:49 officialcyan cyan's spawner dungeon improvements - part 1/?? (with pictures)

cyan's spawner dungeon improvements - part 1/?? (with pictures) Intro Hey, so about a year ago I posted this, which was an upgraded skeleton spawner dungeon. It did pretty well so I followed it up with a post where I upgraded a zombie and a spider dungeon.
Then I sorta forgot about all of that for a year. I'm back now, with a second revamp of the skeleton dungeons. It's very similar to the original, I kept the same block palette and all that since it fit very well, I've just changed a few things around to make it more challenging and more rewarding.
Why? Just like the original post, the idea was to provide more of a challenge to the dungeons, instead of just having a boring cobble cube where you just torch spam and then fight a few mobs off. The same principle applies here; you get two mostly cleared out spawner rooms, at the cost of the mobs having the advantage in both of them.
There's a lot of tricks to not let the player light up the rooms, using water floors and buttons covering the spawners.
Also it wouldn't really be fair to call it a challenge without testing it out, so I went into survival and tried to fight it myself. I'd like to think I'm pretty good at combat (well, at least against skeletons) but it was honestly a challenge.
I gave myself full iron gear, a bow and a ton of arrows (which I don't think I used), a stack of steak, and a stack of torches. And to be honest, the only reason I survived was because I brought steak. With a worse food I definitely would've died in the second spawner room.
Photos: Mysterious iron bars indented into the cave wall. What could be behind them..?

Something is glowing ominously behind that wall

Ok, enough of the pitch black, everything is lit up from here on. This is the entrance room, with a few supplies and logs piled in the corner.

The first spawner room has a destroyed stone wall in the back, and some dispensers on the walls. I wonder what they could do...

These pressure plates let the skeletons toggle the dispensers. There's two on both the left and right sides, and they dispense water to wash away any torches.

The first room on the top floor. Looks like a (dried up) farm, with some dead bushes and dead coral lying around, to look like plants were growing but have died. Also some coal, iron, and copper behind the iron bars in the back.

First view of the second spawner, iron bars (of course) and some chests and barrels around.

Full view of the second spawner. Looks like a kitchen, with the smoker and campfire storage (which you can't see in this photo).

Covered in arrows after clearing out the spawners. Ended up with 2 hearts before healing at the last minute.
Problems? - Two spawners in range of each other could be pretty overpowered, but again they can be quite a challenge to deal with.
- Mojang said that they wouldn't want to update structures, instead wanting to add new ones. However, like I suggested in the original post, these could be added alongside the classic cube dungeons, spawning deeper in the world and also more rarely.
- Natural generation might not work too well with these. Obviously I built it specifically so that only the entrance room would be exposed to the cave, but that might not work with Minecraft's generation. But it could spawn like woodland mansions do, where they have a special entrance. Then again they're on the surface.
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2022.01.24 09:49 Capable_Curve4746 Broken ring

Well last year was a shit show for me. I started the year 2 or 3 months sober because my fiance and I decided we wanted to try for a kid. I stopped drinking started working out, slowly faced the demons from my past, found out I was pregnant (yay) then a month and a half later had a miscarriage that shattered us. I decided to drink, went on a bender, then calmed down and we were told by any it was just the one time we are both healthy and so on so we tried again. The next time I was deemed "medically interesting" and they weren't sure if I was having a miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy. Once that ended I drank and drank and drank and one day while on a weekend bender I hit my finger on the sink while washing dishes and cracked a part of my sapphire engagement ring. To this day I can't wear it or look at it because it hurts so much knowing my carelessness ruined something so beautiful. I know it's just a ring but it reminds me of how I failed on so many levels at that time. I still feel like a barren wasteland and a failure. I still feel like my body had just give up on me for the years of mistreatment. I know that I have been blessed and that I do have a good life but this still hurts so much. Thanks for reading I needed to tell someone.
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2022.01.24 09:49 EqualPaint7 My company gave us all a $25 gift card for Christmas, delivered a month late.

Yup- it’s a multi million dollar “non-profit” with 3k employees so $25 each isn’t cheap, but it’s still… lame.
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2022.01.24 09:49 aghostowngothic Seeking examples of an INFP enneagram 4 who has had or currently has a relationship with an INTJ enneagram 8.

If you are familiar, please respond & I have some follow-up questions for you. Thanks.
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2022.01.24 09:49 blandxan Trying to move out.

Hey, I (20F) have been trying to find an one bedroom that accepts the Housing Choice Voucher. I have been in contact with ‘Management & Beyond, Vision & Beyond, Misty Holdings’ with an approved application but they’ve had bad communication with me since December 21 when my application was approved. CMHA hasn’t received my RTA form, that i’ve submitted to the the landlord, either. I have until March 7 when my voucher expires to move into an apartment. I’ve spent this much time waiting because I’ve viewed the apartment & I liked it. I don’t meet all of the qualifications that’s asked for from other apartments (no proof of income, Section 8) I also believed I would be moving in 2-3 weeks after I viewed it but here we are. I want to be on the west side close to my family & what I know. I’ve had my voucher since November 8, I was hoping there would be a private owner or even resources that you all know that can help me out. I was staying in the lighthouse since September 16, I was gonna stay there until I found my apartment but I came back to my moms last month just before christmas because she had open heart surgery. So i’m trying to help her, all the while care for my little sister who has cerebral palsy. I am at my whits end just stressed about all of this & really need the help right now. I also may need resume help? I have been finding trouble getting a job with my work experience. Thank you in advance! Any opinion, tip, or handout is accepted!!! I’ll answer any questions.
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2022.01.24 09:49 larv0tr0n First time microdosed 10 with me wife and we are feeling weird and super tired the day after

We did 5microg week before and everything was on point. Yesterday we tried 10 and it was somehow weird. Burst of laughs, feeling of losing body control, my wife almost passed out at some point, urge to communicate and have fun. Overall mixed feelings. Today we feel like shit, we dont have any energy, my motivation is close to zero. Is this a clear sign that dose is too much for us?
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2022.01.24 09:49 heyblackbox A rite of passage / driftwood house (6x6, Bronica SQ/80mm, Fomapan 400, flash)

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2022.01.24 09:49 ianafisher Weekly challenge, 2022-01-24: 'R' cities

Thank you and congratulations to everyone who participated in last week's challenge.
This week's challenge is to name as many cities beginning with the letter 'R' as you can. As usual, the challenge rules are:

  1. A city is acceptable as long as any accepted variant of its name meets the challenge criteria, even if the displayed version of the name doesn't.
  2. If you use Google or the "every state/country" option during your game, please say so in your comment.
  3. If you mention any specific city names in your comment, please wrap them in spoiler tags.
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