My first foccacia!

2021.10.17 11:34 Ok-Still-3508 My first foccacia!

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2021.10.17 11:34 joey57013 MightyQuest | Launching Now! | Experienced devs | Locked liquidity | Great tokenomics! |

MightyQuest | Launching Now! | Experienced devs | Locked liquidity | Great tokenomics! | MightyQuest | Launching Now! | Experienced devs | Locked liquidity | Great tokenomics! |
Hi there guys ! Today I will be bringing attention to a brand new project that I have come acrross! It is called MightyQuest and for me it ticks all the boxes and things I look for when researching and investing into a new project!

An overview of MightyQuest :

🔐 Locked Liquidity,

✅ Verified Contract, our contract is verified, this means anyone can take a read through it when they please.

🐳 Anti-Whale System, we have a anti-whale system, so only a maximum of 10T can be made per transaction.

🏪 Marketing Wallet and Charity Wallet, we will have a marketing wallet and charity wallet, this wallet will gain 2 percent each per transaction that is taken place.

MightyQuest Tokenomics

MightyQuest is a hyper-deflationary token, all holders will be rewarded for holding tokens via static reflection.

So what exactly happens every time a transaction takes place? 4 percent will be sent over to our liquidity pool, growing our liquidity so that our lowest floor point will constantly keep rising. A further 4 percent is then equally split amongst all holders depending on how many tokens are being held by them.

Then a further 4 percent will go into the marketing and Charity Wallet (2% to each wallet, which will be used to market this token and the development of our application). We will also be having a anti-whale system in place so a maximum transaction of 10T tokens can only take place at a time!

MightyQuest Token Distribution ♻️

Total Tokens:


Locked Tokens:

500,000,000,000 (50%)

PancakeSwap Tokens:

480,000,000,000 (48%)

Developer Tokens:

20,000,000,000 (2%)

MightyQuest Links:


🥞 PancakeSwap (V2):

📈 Chart (Bogged):
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2021.10.17 11:34 Smilez_too_Much ??????

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2021.10.17 11:34 Upset_Perception3302 SUPER QUICK QUESTION: can I take minocycline with icecream so i can swallow it?

I'm a 15 year old female and am absolutely horrid at taking pills and have only ever successfully downed one by accident since I didn't believe it was there. I have been prescribed minocycline for two months, twice daily and the outer bottle has a sticker saying not to take it with antacids, multivitamins and dairy. except, the word dairy has been crossed out with blue marker...
tl;dr can i take my minocycline tablet with 2 tablespoons of icecream so i can swallow it?
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2021.10.17 11:34 heinaga1989 🚀DOHGE COIN 🚀 | Launching at 1k members | Community Driven [ Don’t miss this launch ]

Dohge coin is a community based token launching at 1k telegram members on the BSC platform.

This project has the potential to hit 1000x IMO.


10% tax fees from each transaction
5% goes to holders
5% straight into liquidity pool

Those who are looking for the next moon shot here it is .

Liquidity will be locked after launch. And ownership will be renounced.

This team is very committed to delivering their investors a huge project with nothing left in the tank . The marketing road map is very interesting and looks great I’m looking forward to seeing what this team can deliver.

If you haven’t booked your seat on this rocket I suggest you do because this rocket won’t be stopping at the moon.

Join the telegram and join the community and enjoy the ride that’s about all I can say .

If you are reading this you are super lucky because you are about to see history made when this token launches.

Check out the amazing website they have on offer !
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2021.10.17 11:34 JustDanti_ Would anyone be interested in becoming my companion?

Asking for a friend
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2021.10.17 11:34 Spiritual-Date-9126 Any Asian want bbc Denver

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2021.10.17 11:34 trueworldnews Nederlander eten het minste groeten van Europa [/u/whywalk]

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2021.10.17 11:34 OutComfort iPhone xs L2 Cash

Hi just a quick question. I have got an used iPhone XS with valid serial number and IMEI, I have found something confused me with Geekbench result The L1 Cash: 32 and L2 cash 2.00 MB While In the other device belongs to a friend is: L1 cash 128 L2 cash 8.00 MB !!! Dose that means that the device with lower L2 cash will be a bit slower or less getting more data on the cash, than the other one with 8 MB cash? My Device model number: MT9J2AH/A serial: F17CL0FZKPG
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2021.10.17 11:34 alysworlds Anime Similar to “Ascendance of a Bookworm”

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2021.10.17 11:34 trueworldnews Announcement: New Mod [/u/JuliusCeaserBoneHead]

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2021.10.17 11:34 TIFU_Examiner I'll be in Salzburg from October 23-25, need advice!

I really would like to see some of the better hiking trails, but what would be the best way to go to them? From my understanding, the Untersberg would be closed after October 18, right?
Also, is Uber commonly available throughout the city?
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2021.10.17 11:34 H25azbxwyz Megan Thee Stallion is serving up her own 'Hottie Sauce' at Popeyes

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2021.10.17 11:34 trueworldnews TI [/u/JokerMNE87]

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2021.10.17 11:34 letssplinter „LPs are Dead“ but I don’t even care? :)

Want to share my thoughts and hear yours!
I often read postings like the mentioned one above. First, that hit me, because „all that I‘m doing“ at this moment is recording my gaming, mainly because I have no time for editing or even learn how to edit my videos :) But then I recognized: I may only have 37 subs at this point and gain about 10-50 views per video.. BUT:
I just love doing this, because I love gaming and I just love every single view of my uploads :) I just don’t need 3k views (even though it would be awesome, true.. :D )
So maybe.. some of you can take advantage of this, and maybe some of you share this feeling. LPs might be dead.. but even if I think, that is not true: I positively don’t care at all, because it is a nice hobby, and so should you small YouTubers too! :) Have a good day, ladies and gentlemen!
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2021.10.17 11:34 Gottagetthemhoes22 Georgina Mazzeo pt. 2

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2021.10.17 11:34 nehwsekuntekop El verdadero caso Roosevelt

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2021.10.17 11:34 titaniumjordi Every squad got the

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2021.10.17 11:34 trueworldnews rinia shqiptare në një lëvozhgë arre [/u/kopetenti]

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2021.10.17 11:34 Floor-Proof «Squid Game» adesso diventa anche un videogioco, lo vuole Netflix

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2021.10.17 11:34 GrantsArtwork "Cave Painting" Acrylic on paper. 8" x 10" Follow me on Insta @atterbury_art

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2021.10.17 11:34 koolaidzombie Should I get the fashion project suit?

I find the overall suit to be kinda meh, but I really like the hair. I don't know if it'd be worth getting the whole fashion project just for one item tho, so I'm looking to hear you guys' opinion.
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2021.10.17 11:34 Euphoric_Skirt3538 SpookyShiba - Model For A Legit Moonshot - SHIB rewards - Community Giveaways + Shilling Contests

Spooky season has arrived! Perfect timing, as SpookyShiba loves spooking holders with 7% auto $SHIB rewards!
A Model For A Legit Moonshot
Magic is really very simple, all you've got to do is want something and then let yourself have it.
Holders automatically receive 7% of every transaction in SHIB rewards. All you have to do is hold to enjoy the passive income! Anti-whale and anti-snipe features will ensure a fair distribution! We welcome all snipers to try their best ;) The one-stop-shop for your spooky SHIB needs! Halloween is just around the corner, and our beautiful community will surely flourish! Merch is being worked on :) SpookyShiba has a dedicated marketing wallet and a strategic marketing plan that will kick in after sufficient organic growth!
7% SHIB Rewards
4% Auto Liquidity
4% marketing
2% max wallet
Marketing Plans:
Twitter Promos (e.g., Fabri, Maestro, Bitcoinbro, London)
All-day CMS trending
TG Pinned (e.g., BigPoppa Gems, Vehxy, Aden, Shilly Wonka)
All-day TG raiding
Community Giveaways + Shilling Contests
Contract: 0x39c4bc0b3baa7090951a1e3cbdf59e12d3531caf
🍰 Pancakeswap:
🔹 Renounced Ownership:
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2021.10.17 11:34 trueworldnews Azerbaijan sees increase in oil prices [$86.45, 7-year high] [/u/araz95]

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