(PC) FIFA crashes completely randomly

2021.10.17 10:25 SoneriusLive (PC) FIFA crashes completely randomly

(PC) FIFA crashes completely randomly Hi, Guys
I play FIFA22 on PC and have the issue that the Game crashes completely randomly when i play. I tried so many things but nothing helps. Yesterday i delete everthing on my PC and made a clean windows installation but that also dont fix the issue.
This Error happens not only in Career Mode i have it also in FUT and i have it also in Contract negotiation in Career Mode

PC Specs:
Mainboard: MSI B450 Tomahawk Max CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 RAM: 16GB (2x 8192MB) G.Skill Trident Z RGB DDR4-3200 DIMM GPU: Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3070 Gaming OC 8 GB GDDR6
Maybe someone can help me, I like the game a lot. But that's unplayable for me.
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2021.10.17 10:25 rorbarney Questions about NSTP Deferral for First Year

Hi! First year tomasino here. May nag defer ba ng NSTP dito for first year? Nag-defer din kasi ako pero I'm anxious as to how this will work.
-If I'm not mistaken, sa second year pa tayo mag NSTP, diba?
-Will deferring NSTP for first year affect our grades in any way? (like masasali pa ba tayo sa dean's list? HAHAHA)
-For those na nag NSTP na in their second year, what was the process like?
Thank you so much!
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2021.10.17 10:25 Best-Strategy7251 Baki the grappler sub or dub?

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2021.10.17 10:25 Too_Tall_64 Other "Early Internet Successes" contenders.

With Saber talking about Happy Tree friends as an early big shot of the internet, it might be interesting to bring up other success stories of animation in the early internet days. Even as far as pre-youtube days.
Eddsworld: An animation series named after one of it's creators, Edd Gould. He tragically passed away a few years ago, but the team have still posted a few episodes since then. Edd and friends get caught up in various hijinks, including a Zombie Apocalypse, joining the military, and fighting an undead Santa Claus, it's got a lot of charm.
Foamy the Squirrel: A foul mothed squirrel rants about daily life with his gothgirl housemate. I use to watch this all the time, and found it hysterical in my teens. But looking back as an adult, it feels like the scenarios were more crude than i'm comfortable with.... Amityville Toaster was a fun episode though.
Rooster Teeth: I'm mostly thinking about Red VS Blue, but i know there were a lot of other projects started fairly early on. Looking back it's intimidating to try going back ALL the way to Episode 1 and push through the... what is it now? 10 seasons? It's crazy how much they produced with just playing with the camera in Halo.
Machinima: This was where Gam3rs got their fix of video game videos. Highlight reels and skits played out with characters in the video game (Imagine an FPS, but instead of using your weapons, you're the cameraman filming other things on screen) I think i recall there being some legal shenanigan's between them and the content creators working for them.
VGCats: It's mostly a comic, but I feel it use to be big. they had a few animations as well. Two game enthusiast cats make commentary on gaming culture.
Ctrl Alt Del: I never really got into this one, but i believe they had mostly comics, a few animations, and a video game appearance or two. They were huge but i didn't go there as much.
Strongbad: Another one that didn't quite appeal to me, and i never went back to watch. It was popular though.
Zero Puntuation: Does this count as animation? I dunno, but Yahtzee's reviews on games have always been entertaining. He'll tear apart a mediocre game, and still kick a good game where the sun don't shine. He holds no punches and WILL turn every small gripe into a monologue. Entertaining, but informative. If anyone would give you an honest review of a game, he would. He's been with The Escapist, I don't know much about them as a whole though.
Newgrounds: There were a couple of people i vaguely remember following. Super Mario Bros Z gave Mario Dragon Ball Z physics. Egoraptor (Arin from Game Grumps) was a big animator at the time too. I'm sure there's more animation that specifically grew on Newgrounds.
Cyanide and Happiness: This comic series pushing the envelope of what's appropriate to joke about, they slowly got into animation, and now release animation almost every week.
I'm sure there are plenty more, let's talk about them and see if anything has some history that would be interesting to talk about.
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2021.10.17 10:25 ResidentChemist3 New/Current ECs

Senior here. Just got a huge position. Wondering how I document my hours on the activities list and what number I should put it at
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2021.10.17 10:25 FalconV700 Can someone please explain why BHVR hasn't gotten with the times and included separate Casual & Ranked lobbies?

Plenty of games (e.g. Rocket League being one) have this system in place. BHVR needn't even limit the amount of BP awarded to casual vs ranked matches.
Ranked lobbies would still allow DbD puritans to perfect every micro-movement in order to compete at high levels while also keeping that same player-base from going against baby players because real talk... If you're truly competitive, you DON'T want matches against casual players since you stand to learn nothing, and casual players don't want to go against gods for the same reason, they can't learn more about the game thanks to the obscene difference in skill.
Casual lobbies would allow for much more flexibility in the type of matches people want to see (filtering out swf teams for example). But don't worry! swf teams still can showcase their stuff in the ranked, competitive lobbies where the benefits of being on comms makes a lot more sense.
The issue currently is there's zero way to separate casual players and highly competitive players resulting in all sides being pretty unhappy with the situation as it is... Other games had this figured out a decade ago, why so slow BHVR???
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2021.10.17 10:25 Desperate-Bank-5080 ?

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2021.10.17 10:25 Acctule_ch0de_Patrol Weatherboosted giratina now will ad 10

3609 3924 2429
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2021.10.17 10:25 ZoobBot 180151

This is the 180151st time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2021.10.17 10:25 jcourtoure Telegram

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GET MY IRL NFT GALACTIC BEAUTY FOR AUCTION ON RARIBLE!!! This is an IRL painting named "Galactic Beauty." I painted this and this is the only NFT created from it. It is the Second NFT I have ever done and is on Auction on Rarible by me ArtisticChaos007. Check it out now!! And put your bid in Now. Only 1 more day left in the auction!!! The link for the auction will be in the comment section below.
Galactic Beauty
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2021.10.17 10:25 Maurice_rhdt Pls guys

I know we all wanted one mob that we thought would be the best and if your mob didn’t get vote im very sorry but can we please just accept it and don’t fight about it it happens all the time and sometimes you win with the mob of your choice and sometimes you don’t its just I’ve seen a ton of people on here and other forums and sites that are raging and getting mad about how the allay won but please don’t be mad or sad i hope your choice wins next year and lets not fight over some Minecraft mobs and we can’t change that the allay won but we can at least stay positive and friendly inside this community. Thanks for your time<3
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2021.10.17 10:25 round_plastic Smiling

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2021.10.17 10:25 HydratedCarrot Good old nes games!! Feels like yesterday

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2021.10.17 10:25 Neminath Just your friendly neighborhood Sikhs doing some damage control propaganda to their Rep.

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2021.10.17 10:25 TheLegendaryDarkBot You must be watching the right JoJo Episode Credit: Yamato Edge (Aka: Also Me)

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2021.10.17 10:25 Zerstorer84 I have an idea for an app but want advice to protect the idea.

Hi Everybody.
I have recently come up with an idea for an Android and ios application.
I have very little in the way of application development therefore will need to hire and/or partner up with an application developer to bring this app to fruition.
My main concern is having the idea completely pulled from underneath my feet, so I would like some opinions and advice on how to protect the idea, I feel like this has probably been asked a million times, so my apologies in advance for asking a million and 1.
I have a feeling most replies will be advising me that there probably isn't a great deal of ways an idea can be protected but any ideas are most appreciated.
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2021.10.17 10:25 almost-punk can't help but imagine TDA execs sobbing as they look at all the DRS requests for shares they never bought... and apes just vibin' as always.

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2021.10.17 10:25 SleepyAna04 duram evo line made by me

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2021.10.17 10:25 Biggest-Ja If Mojang was to add another biome in 1.18, what would you like to see?

Since the deep dark was moved, there's a bit of empty space in 1.18, and like 1.16 there could be room for a surprise bonus biome. If this was the case, what do you think should be added? Please give a name and description, along with a speciality/feature of the biome idea you like. Preferably: Name, Description, A specialty of the biome. Note the already existing biomes are lush caves, dripstone caves, deep dark
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2021.10.17 10:25 ConfidentMangoApple Learning orgchem as a high school student?

Been reading Klein’s for two months now. Currently on stereoisomerism. Any tips for understanding things quicker and more easily?
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2021.10.17 10:24 lone_ichabod What Ligotti stories would you like in a theoretical anthology series?

Let’s say that Netflix has green lit 1 season of 5 episodes of “Grimscribe: The Stories of Thomas Ligotti” (Ignore how unlikely this all is), what 5 stories would you like to see in those episodes?
Here’s mine

  1. The Town Manager
  2. The Bungalow House
  3. Alice’s Last Adventure
  4. Our Temporary Supervisor
  5. Nethescurial (gut-punch season finale)
Hot take: The Last Feast of Harlequinn should be save for a full length film, The Small People too.
What are your choices?
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2021.10.17 10:24 Rez0704 INC delayed my progress on my essay

So uhhhhh, im doing my 1000 word essay, and guess what happens yesterday, yep, DALAW FROM THE BINHI, the way they keep reminding me to dont be involved in love relationship stuff, which is tiring to be honest and the monthly meeting (which just sabotaged my study session) is not fun, they delayed my study, TO PRAY FOR HIGH GRADES, BRO, HOW DOES THAT HELP, IF I STUDIED IT WILL DEFINITELY SHOW RESULTS COMPARED TO PRAYING. and just asking
Can i finally attempt to leave after graduating college? Since im independent, can i leave at that moment? Maybe drop a big speech
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2021.10.17 10:24 segaisnotdead A 75$ well spent!

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2021.10.17 10:24 I_am_albatross Herbie - Right Type Of Mood

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